Monday, August 30, 2010

The Election

The kids' school has a student council for which all 6th graders may run for office.  Victoria decided to run for Publicity Chairperson.  Her job, in her words, would be to write the Student Council Segment scripts for Blast Off, make posters and flyers, and to have "tons of school spirit."

Julie, Justice, and I were her committee.  We helped make posters, flyers, pencils, stickers, and a whole line of t-shirts for VDawg's self promotion.  We did an awesome job, if I do say so myself.  At any rate, she won!!!

Victoria planned to give a speech to the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders at her school.  The vote worked out in a way that meant she didn't need to.  Writing it, or actually the self-promoting aspect of writing it, was difficult for her.  She struggled with persuading that she was the best candidate without feeling like she was bragging.  She DOES NOT like to give herself accolades.  The speech was written though, and since it will never be given, here it is...

Hello Corona Ranch. I am Victoria Karr and maybe, I hope ,I am your future student council Publicity Chairperson. I want to tell you why I think I’d be great for the job!!!

First of all, I am really responsible. I turn in my homework every day, finish all my class work, and I even came to track practice twice a week while I was OFF TRACK. I give my all to everything I do.

Another reason why I am fit for the job is because I am very creative. I think my imagination and artistic ability will help make school spirit days fun, different, and successful. I just can’t wait to make up new and exciting events for all of you guys.

A final reason why you should vote for me is that I have tons of school spirit. I participate in the Talent Show, Track Team, Blast Off, and of course…SPIRIT DAYS!!! I love Corona Ranch and can’t wait to show my school pride!!!

I hope I have convinced you to vote for me. A publicity chairperson needs to be responsible, creative, and have lots of school spirit…I am all of those things. And that’s why you should vote for me, Victoria Karr, for student council publicity chairperson. Thanks!!!


  1. Awesome Victoria! Love the speech & the shirt!!!
    XOXO Fav. Auntie

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